De Meermakers, when there is more to achieve with people


People are the greatest capital of organisations, it is often said. If this is true then why do we often have the feeling that we don’t get the best out of them? And why do we feel we have to push to get them moving? And only too often we don’t really understand our managers and clients.

Certainly in these turbulent times companies focus more on their financial objectives rather than on the people who need to achieve these. That’s where we come in, as our strength is to enable you to achieve more with who’s already there! With a combined 30+ years of proven HR track record in leading companies, “De Meermakers” have answers to the questions a lot of organisations struggle with nowadays.

If you need "tough corporate shake-up" people to manage your next restructuring this is not a service designed for that. However, if you are looking for ways to optimize the "human factor" then please call us. In other words: call us if you want to get more out of who’s already there.

Whether you want to get the best out of yourself, your people or your organisation; we bring out the best in you and your company in order to maximize the potential that is right there under your hands.

We named our company “De Meermakers” for a number of reasons. Literally translated it means “the more makers”.  Making can also be translated in creating. Our dream is to create more with the potential that is already present in people and organisations. Next to this “De Meermakers”  is a combination of our surnames; Judith van der MEER and Pauline WageMAKERS. Hence “De Meermakers”was born. We make more with what’s already there!

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